Revive – Energizing Gem Toning Mist



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Re-energize with this invigorating gem toning mist. Crystalline essences of Ruby, Citrine, Clear Quartz and Rhodochrosite elevate mood and sharpen the mind, supercharging your aura and igniting your passion so you can engage more fully with life.

Organic Blood Orange hydrosol soothes inflammation while strengthening the body’s natural stress defenses. Organic Lemon Verbena hydrosol cleanses and purifies skin and balances sebum production. Organic Frankincense hydrosol firms and tones, further soothing inflammation. Colloidal Silver preserves and protects, soothing inflammation, stimulating elasticity and regulating the skin’s flora. Together they alchemize to create a sparkling, energetic scent that restores equilibrium.

*For use with all skin types, including dry, fragile, sensitive and aging skin. 

*Mists can also be used to infuse an object or living space with an uplifting energy.

*Mists are ceremonially handcrafted in small batches and in harmony with the Earth and the cycles of the Moon. We use the highest-quality ingredients available, including certified organic hydrosols.

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