Polychrome Jasper Palm Stone



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Feed your inner fire with the fiercely positive energy of Polychrome Jasper. A stone of vitality and embodiment, it can fan the flames of your passion and creativity bringing you the motivation you need to manifest your desires. These extraordinary pieces feature swirling wood grain-like patterns and rich tones of deep red, beige and brown. Place a palm stone in your bag or pocket to receive its healing energy, or work with it to supercharge your meditation efforts. You can also work with Polychrome Jasper to foster a more optimistic state of mind by placing a piece in your bedroom.

* Each crystal arrives to you energetically cleansed and charged, accompanied by a card that explains how to work with your new treasure.

* Avoid longterm direct sun exposure to avoid color fading.

* All crystals are 100% natural, without heat or other treatment unless specifically noted.

* Each crystal features small surface inclusions and indentations which are part of its unique character. Please look closely at photos and feel free to ask questions – all purchases are final sale.

.25 lbs
1.75 x 2 x .875 in