Peaced Out



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.875 lbs
6.75 x 2 x 1.5 in


Do you wish you were more relaxed? Savor the sensation of inner peace with this calming crystal kit, as you surrender stress and find your center. Amethyst, Fluorite and Moonstone harmonize to release negativity, neutralize an overactive mind and establish inner equilibrium. Each kit comes with a wallet-sized card containing tips on how to work the crystals.

  • -Place the crystals in your palm to receive their vibration
  • -Incorporate them into your meditation practice
  • -Keep them in your pocket or bag as you go about your day
  • -Hold them while you watch television, listen to music or even take a bath
  • -Place them on your bedside table or in your living space where they will infuse the room with energy

*┬áThe photo above is of an individual kit but variation in shape, size and color is to be expected – each crystal is responsibly-sourced, hand-selected and matched in resonance to its kit companions.

* Your kit arrives ready to use, with each crystal cleansed and charged with Reiki Tummo energy