Golden Aura Quartz Geode




A thousand points of light gleam from the interior of this Golden Aura Quartz geode. This form of Aura Quartz is created by an alchemical bonding of titanium, iron and trace metals with natural quartz that yields metallic magic. It invites the bold, invigorating energy of the Sun into your life quality, strengthening optimism and positivity. These opulent geodes work well with other Aura quartzes to create a mesmerizing visual and energetic tableau.

* Each crystal arrives to you energetically cleansed and charged, accompanied by a card that explains how to work with your new treasure.

* Avoid longterm direct sun exposure and saltwater to avoid color fading.

* This crystal is the manmade result of titanium, iron and trace metals bonded with natural quartz.

* Each crystal features small surface inclusions and indentations, which are part of its unique character. Please look closely at photos and feel free to ask questions – all purchases are final sale.

.125 lbs
.75 x 1.5 x 1.25 in