Clear Quartz Point



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Who says a crystal has to be large to pack a beautiful punch? This small Clear Quartz point shines with a vibrant energy. A glassy plane of crystal inclusion bisects its nearly water-clear torso, capturing and reflecting what appears to be a solid field of light. Look closely and you’ll see a delicate rainbow casting a magical spell. Clear Quartz is the master crystal, offering tremendous powers of amplification to intentions and energy. It harmonizes with, and potentiates every other crystal, while forming the foundation for a budding collection. Crystal points focus and direct energy – allow them to infuse your space with positive energy or work with them intentionally to create transformative shifts. Rainbows carry an uplifting energy that complements manifestation, embodying the full spectrum of possibility.

* Each crystal arrives to you energetically cleansed and charged through a multi-step process, accompanied by a card that explains how to care for and work with your new treasure.

* Avoid longterm direct sun exposure to avoid color fading.

* All crystals are 100% natural, without heat or other treatment unless specifically noted.

* Each crystal features small surface inclusions and indentations, which are part of its unique character. Please look closely at photos and feel free to ask questions – all purchases are final sale.

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1 x 2 x 2.75 in