Citrine Flame




The smooth surface of this Citrine flame is a pleasure to hold in your hand. Pale yellow in color, it has excellent clarity, with three intersecting inner planes adding character, along with a 1” iridescent rainbow. Crystal flames are beautiful to look at and energetically they burn through overactive thoughts, bringing your mind into a more coherent and focused state. Rainbows carry an uplifting energy that complements manifestation, embodying the full spectrum of possibility.

*Each crystal arrives to you energetically cleansed and charged, accompanied by a card that explains how to work with your new treasure.

*Avoid longterm direct sun exposure to avoid color fading.

*All crystals are 100% natural, without heat or other treatment unless specifically noted.

*Each crystal features small surface inclusions and indentations, which are part of its unique character. Please look closely at photos and feel free to ask questions – all purchases are final sale.

.85 lbs
2.125 x 2 x 3.25 in